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Amazing! Watch these kids use "Power Teaching" also known as Whole Brain Teaching. Observe the way the teacher (the 11 year old) maintains a rapid pace, keeps students focused and engaged via use of multiple senses, and allows for their immediate practice after new ideas are presented.

Watch Professor Biffle use Whole Brain Teaching with these college sudents. Observe the quick pace, full student engagement---every student participating, and every student using multiple senses. They speak to him. They listen to him. They speak to each other. They move their hands. They laugh, modulate their voices, respond to his voice using same tone and 'character'. They start when he gives them the learned cues, and stop when they hear the learned cues. All of this means that their brains are having the opportunity to take in more because more stimulation is happening at a given time. The brain is getting fired up better because of the increase in the number of synapses and therefore it is more fully charged and more productive, since it has been allowed to make more connections. This is how learning happens in the brain.

This teacher uses Whole brain teaching with 6th grade math students. Observe the technique, the student response to this technique, and then try to practice it for use with your students.

Chris Biffle teaches the Whole Brain Teaching Method, Part 1. Successive lessons can be found on You Tube; keywords: Whole Brain Teaching or Chris Biffle.

Chris Biffle teaches Whole Brain Teaching at Louisiana College, 2009.


Whole Brain Teaching

also known as Power Teaching

Teaching video

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